WTB: Thingshield

If anyone has a spare or unused thingshield they would like to get rid of please pm me

Bumpity bump bump

You missed a few people selling them in the last few weeks. You may not need one though with the release of this:


I know… I’m upset about that… Lool… Dang exams lol

I have been trying to stay clear of using the esp8266… However it’s looking more like I’ll have no choice…

You can still use a W5100 instead, though will require a hard wire.

Hmmm. I should have thought of that…
Seems like it may be a viable option… I have a few in some old projects I may be able to cannibalize…

I’m curious tho: was the thingshield able to work as a repeater for ZigBee?

You can also use an Arduino MEGA with an inexpensive ESP-01 to add just WiFi capability. This was a recent addition I made per a user request.

What about the LattePanda board it is a combo computer with Arduino


What would be the use case for such a powerful and expensive microcontroller? Seems like you could run Win10 IOT on a $35 Raspberry Pi and get the Windows Development environment, if that’s what your after. (and no, I do not have a library for the Raspberry Pi! :wink: )

The $10 NodeMCU ESP8266-12e boards are really quite capable for the typical “maker community”.

Curious what you’re looking to accomplish with the LattePanda.