Who is running Ubiquiti Cameras and/or NVR? Any better suggestions?

I think I’m about to buy a Ubiquiti NVR and 4 cameras (maybe the 5 pack…). I’ve been looking for something to replace my hodge podge of current cameras (1 ring pro, 1 foscam, and 1 d-link and I need at least one more). Long story short my wife likes having one interface for our HA stuff so they need to work through SmartThings if at all possible and it seems there are community created devices/apps for both the NVR and for the cameras directly. I’ve also just converted my home network over to all Ubiquiti gear and so far its been great.

I either have the Ethernet wiring or can run it in all the locations I want. The specs say they are good outdoors from -22*F to 100+ which works where I’m at. I also have the PoE switch in place. Does anyone here have their cameras (G3’s) and/or the NVR? Any issues? Comments?

i have a friend who is going ubiquiti NVR and cameras, and unifi wifi in his new house. i’m going w/ unifi wifi and Reolink NVR/poe cameras. i’ve also used amcrest poe nvr and cameras. i like the reolink higher res cameras and have gotten used to the NVR software and quirks. i’ve not seen how ST interfaces w the cameras and am not sure it should. that said i would like to have my ST based multisensors trigger NVR recording and have yet to find a way to do that. if you have that desire check to see if the ubiquiti nvr has that.

but again i’m not sure the interface needs to be related.

I’m currently considering the same route as the OP.
So, just checking in here to subscribe, and see what comes of it…

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After lots of looking at reviews online, and the overall great experience so far with the UniFi networking equipment, I bought the NVR and some cameras. I’ll post back what I find.


I am assuming this is for the indoor use. Do you normally record 24/7 or just record them when you are in the “Away” mode?

Going to use them both indoor and outdoor. Also I plan on recording only on motion in addition to live streaming from our kids rooms (2yo and newborn) when we want to check in on them…usually bedtime.

I have the Unifi Video software set up on a Linux VM where I’m also running the Unifi Controller software.
Now I’m just waiting for my first UVC-G3-Dome to arrive…

It’s been up and running for weeks. Pretty cool.

I have been running UniFi gear in my house for about 5 years now. About two years ago I completed the network piece with PoE switches and whatnot but other projects got in the way of moving forward with the Camera setup. I will be using their NVR software on a custom built server and also their cameras. From my understanding, I believe someone did get a half baked ST integration working? I just can’t remember if I saw it on these boards or the UBNT forums. If I recall, it was mainly viewing the camera stream. I don’t know if it did anything more advances (re: motion detection, alerting, etc).

I am in the process of doing an install at a relatives house who bought two G3 Pros. I got as far as the NVR setup complete and tested/adopted the cameras. However, they are still working on purchasing the cabling and other infrastructure pieces in order to complete the job. From what I saw though, it seems super easy to use (their NVR) and the basic setup was done within…10-15 minutes?

Here’s something…I haven’t really read up on it yet…

Also, here’s something on the Ubiquiti site…


I have been very satisfied with my Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE camera and they make some very good cameras for the money,

I also use the Xeoma camera software which works on any platform basically and prices are not bad. It even has some advanced functions like license plate and facial recognition.

Got the NVR and cameras, haven’t tried to integrate them into ST yet. Did setup the NVR and one camera as a test and have to say it went just like their UniFi network gear…pretty great. Hoping to get some of them permanently mounted this weekend and then I’ll work on getting them into ST.

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Did you ever get your cameras successfully connected to ST?

Long story short we have a new baby on the way and that took slight precedence. I just got 2 of my 5 cameras mounted and working last week and with Ubiquiti’s free “cloud” connection to the NVR from anywhere I’m having trouble seeing a need to connect it to Smarthings knowing it will just introduce lag and possible problems. My wife likes the one interface but after seeing the UniFi Video app she said she can live with two interfaces, one for the cameras and one for home automation, since the Ubiquiti stuff works so well.

I have enabled RSTP streaming in the NVR but haven’t tried using a stream yet. I was thinking of doing it more for my ActionTiles setup then for SmartThings but I haven’t researched that yet (I think it’s possible).

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Watching this with baited breath.

Considering grabbing myself a 5 pack of G3’s and the NVR.

Two questions:

  1. does the ubiquity software give you security features such as push notifications/alerts when motions detected?
  2. If you get it working with action tiles please let us know, highly interested in bringing everything into a control panel using AT and live streaming is high on the list.
  1. Yes, Unifi sends push notifications. Email message sent includes a pic of the event.
  2. ActionTiles works for me. No “streaming”, but the image refreshes every second, so it kind of streams :slightly_smiling_face: My NVR is on my computer until I buy the new Cloud Key/NVR combo from Ubiquiti.

Here is a screenshot:

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It can also send push notifications through ST (through the app). Here is a screenshot of the ST notification feed:

Before you buy an NVR, check this: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Video/UniFi-Protect/m-p/2396546#M105892
You will need to sign up for Unifi beta for the full info though.

Finally, check out the Flex cameras. $80!

$90 at Amazon, but shipping is $10 for me from Unifi. These just came out in the past couple months. Not for outdoor/rain areas. I have one under an eave, and they are allowed there. For direct rain exposure, stick to the G3.

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Link please :slight_smile: I’m running my controller on RaspberryPi but curious about this device as I hadn’t seen it.

Link is 1 post above. You will need to sign up for beta just to get the info.

How did you get this working in action tiles?

I have not used my action title account much but it would be nice to get this setup.

I do have my G3 present in my ST app.

For those curious of the G3 durability. I have mine mounted under the eves and it has made it through 2 Minnesota winters so far. So I am happy!