Who is running Ubiquiti Cameras and/or NVR? Any better suggestions?

(Jeff) #21

OK, I know this is an older post, but I just ordered the new Ubiquiti/Unifi Cloud Key PLUS Gen 2.Comes with a 1TB drive and is upgradable to 5TB. This runs on a new software that replaces the Unifi Video software. I have not tied any of my existing camera in to Smartthings so far. I have 4 Zmodo cameras on their own setup and also am running 2 WyzeCam V2’s and 2 WyzeCam Pan and Tilts. BTW - I also am using Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi HD Wifi mesh.
After doing some research on the Cloud Key PLUS I was impressed. It should arrive tomorrow so I should have it up and running with their camera and PoE switch this weekend. I do believe that someone has tied it in with ST from reading on the Ubiquiti forum. I will try, in the not to distant future as time permits to also. End goal is one APP and tear out the Zmodo setup.
They also make a 2’ x 2’ 2300 lumen LED panel that is only powered and controlled via PoE. Can you imagine that? 48 volt lighting in your house through only your network?

(Kevin) #22

I have Arlos currently, but would prefer to have a 24/7 wired POE local+cloud solution like this (except for the installation). WyzeCams are hard to beat for the money/features though.

I like the Ubiquiti gear (have USG and 2 AP lites). The G3 Flex camera is down to $79 on Amazon, & Prime now… but the new CloudKey/NVR is $300, plus need more POE ports :frowning:

The POE LED light panels seem odd to me, some engineer’s science project gone too far :wink:

(Allan) #23

The new Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus which is the UniFi controller with NVR software All in One controller is 199 direct from Ubiquiti. if it cost more than that or it’s anything else it might be there old model which you do not want.

(Cris D) #24

Sorry for the late reply. If you are still interested in getting this to work in ActionTiles:
If you are running Unifi Video or Unifi Protect, you need to enable the RTSP stream. That is what you will be picking up with AT. Then in AT add Media, use the “This Media is a still image or GIF” option, and type in your camera’s URL, ending with snap.jpeg. For example: http://192.168.XX.XX/snap.jpeg. It won’t stream, but with a refresh rate of 1 second, it is not bad. You need both ST and Unifi to be on the same network, and you won’t be able to view the images if you are not connected to your home network (you can’t see it at work, etc.)

Now, I switched to the new CloudKey G2+, and to Hubitat Elevation. HE does not let me stream or do the refresh trick either, so I use the SharpTools dashboard with HE, which does let me refresh in 1 second intervals.

I really like the CKG2+. I sold my 3 outdoor Nest cams. I still need to sell 2 indoor Dropcams, and my 5 Arlos.

(Kevin) #25

does the ubiquiti NVR work with any IP cam or only there’s ?

(Allan) #26

Just theirs.

(Brian Spranger) #27

Ultimately I will be using HE. I have both HE and ST but still heavily using ST. That will change as HE is gaining ground fast.