Occupancy Sensing Attribute Reporting for Cluster 0x0406

I’m currently working on my senior capstone project. The goal is to basically implement a Zigbee Multisensor router device using one of TI’s Simplelink MCU, with a SmartThings Hub as the coordinator.

I’m in the process of figuring out the attribute reporting for the clusters that our device will implement. I managed to get the temperature, pressure, and humidity attributes reporting data back to the hub - these are some snippets from the live logging:

warn Binding Table Header:
[transactionSeqNo:16, status:0, numTableEntries:3, startIndex:0, numEntriesReturned:3]
Table Entries:
[srcAddr:00124B001CA1B9FD, srcEndpoint:0x08, clusterId:0x0402, dstAddrMode:3, dstAddr:286D970002071B9F, dstEndpoint:0x01]
[srcAddr:00124B001CA1B9FD, srcEndpoint:0x08, clusterId:0x0405, dstAddrMode:3, dstAddr:286D970002071B9F, dstEndpoint:0x01]
[srcAddr:00124B001CA1B9FD, srcEndpoint:0x08, clusterId:0x0403, dstAddrMode:3, dstAddr:286D970002071B9F, dstEndpoint:0x01]

debug 0028
debug pressure cluster found
debug [raw:0A170804030A0000212800, dni:0A17, endpoint:08, cluster:0403, size:10, attrId:0000, result:success, encoding:21, value:0028, isValidForDataType:true, clusterInt:1027, attrInt:0]
debug description is read attr - raw: 0A170804030A0000212800, dni: 0A17, endpoint: 08, cluster: 0403, size: 10, attrId: 0000, result: success, encoding: 21, value: 0028
debug event is [name:temperature, value:122.0, unit:F, descriptionText:SENSOR_TEST was 122.0°F]
debug description is temperature: 50.00
debug event is [name:humidity, value:50, unit:%]
debug description is humidity: 50%

The issue I am having is with the Occupancy Cluster (0x0406 defined in Section 4.8 of the ZCL Specification). The binding and configuring of the cluster is taking place in these lines of the device handler:

When a attribute is reporting to the hub from the device, it enters the parse method and this is currently how we have the occupancy cluster being handled within that method:


Looking into the live logging when testing this cluster, it fails to report any attributes even though it is bounded and configured correctly, and it follows the same process that I used for the other clusters.

What could be the cause for this problem existing? Is this a device or smart things problem? With the other clusters working, I would gather it has something to do with the device handler, I just can’t pinpoint the problem. I’ve tried a lot of implementations for this and I’m at a lost.

NOTE: I have a CC2531EMK coming in to sniff the packets that are being sent/received, an update will be posted when that comes in. Just wanted more seasoned input on this problem first.