Which wifi camera to use with blue iris

Looking to implement a few cameras. I have blue iris installed on my pic and like it. I’ve read that integration between blue iris and st is strong in community so now the question is which WiFi camera to buy. Amazon search returns lots of mediocre results with varying reviews. I’m looking for a reliable camera that won’t shit the bed in 2 months. What are you using and does it work well

I’ve been using two Foscam C1 with it and have been happy. Even have one outside on my covered porch.

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I use Foscam, Trendnet and Amcrest. I just purchase a Foscam R2 and it work good and I have been impressed with the Foscam R2 so far.

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I should have put in the original post im looking for an outdoor rated camera pretty much exclusivly

I still use a Foscam or Amcrest outdoor camera as I have both but I like the Foscam and like it better. Here a link


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