Which switches for 3-way dimming

I am trying to figure which switches to buy for dimming on a 3-way circuit.

For a simple on/off I know I just need a master and a slave switch.

But for 3-way dimming, what do I get for the slave switch?

Also how does 3-way dimming work? Let’s say I use the master switch to dim the light to 75% by pressing and holding.

Can I then go to the slave switch and press and hold the switch if I want to dim it down to 50%?

I typically get switches and modules from Lowe’s (ge/iris z-wave)

You can do this with GE dimmers. The GE dimmer switches and add-ons will allow dimming from either the master or add-on switch(es). Just understand that they are wired differently than standard 3-way switches.

I have a couple HomeSeer dimmer switches with add ons and the add on works just like the main/master/real switch. The only drawback I see is that it doesn’t have the nice LEDs to show the dimming level or on status.