Which switch?


Hi everyone. I’m new to HA and planning my ST setup. I’m still a bit confused as to advantages of going with a “replacement” switch (e.g., GE/Jasco, Linear) vs. an in-wall relay (e.g., Monoprice, Aeotech). Besides the aesthetics and the possibility of double-tap with some of the replacement switches, are there any major differences in functionality? What would you do if you were starting over?



No difference in basic functionality from the end-user point of view. There are a few situations where you can put an in wall relay someplace other than in the switch-box, but they sometimes seem more intimidating to people than the light switch form.

You just use the one that you like best in terms of cost, aesthetics, and your particular set up. :sunglasses:

(Mike Maxwell) #3

Yea, it does get down to aesthetics…
With the aeon micros you can do something like this:
These are Legrand Adorne switches and plates, there’s a huge selection of colors for the plates and the devices are available in white or grey.
All of these switches were converted internally to function as momentary action push button, thus avoiding the dreaded three way, which way is off/on problem…

(Ron S) #4

Those are freaking beautiful! Makes me hope that the electrician fails to install the dozen GE’s I bought! So, i can go this route!


These looks great! I have 3-ways all over my new place and WAF will depend on a clean, unconfusing solution like this.

(Mike Maxwell) #6

Here’s the video I made on hacking these switches…