Which Multipurpose Sensor?

I’ve been running just one Smartthings Multipurpose sensor on my front door for various tasks (auto locking front door, light automations, etc.) I’ve had 2 more Smartthings Multipurpose senors sitting in a box for the past year that I’m finally going to put up on the rest of my exterior doors. However, I’ll need to purchase one more sensor to have all of my exterior doors covered. The question I have is should I stick with the old style sensors (which is what I currently have) or is the newer version Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor what I should go with?

Here is the newer version I’m referring to.

Here is the one that I currently have 3 of.

the old multisensor that takes CR2450 coincell, has been unreliable. These coincells are too expensive for my taste and this much trouble. You might as well try what you already have since it’s working for you.

If I had to pick one then I’d pick the unknown new one with a big battery, but looks the new one #GP-U999SJVLAAA also takes CR2450. So I’d pick something that has a hope of being rechargeable like Monoprice Zwave door contact. It’s Zwave not Zigbee HA1.2 . Some say it has poor range but they have been 100% in my applications.

If you can find one based on Centralite “3-series” that takes CR2 then that has also been 100% in my applications - may be the same as old PEQ series and old-OLD-smartthings door contacts:


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The new GP ones take CR2 batteries and are very quick. I have a local automation to turn on a light switch and the second I step into the room the light is on.


Thanks for the replies. I definitely plan to use what I already have. Just need to purchase a 4th to have all my exterior doors covered. I haven’t had any issues with my current sensor in the year+ it’s been installed on my front door. Original battery and it triggers quickly. With a minimum of 4 open/closes a day plus a ton of temp readings it seems to be easy on the battery. Sounds like the new model is reliable as well and is a bit cheaper. Will probably go with the new model for my 4th sensor.

I have some cheap Aqara door sensors on my doors,
I got the code from github to make them work, (just copy and paste)
All work perfectly
They don’t do temperature though.

The one on my front door I have setup so as when you open it triggers the outside light to come on,
Right now super cheap on GearBest,

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Just a quick follow-up, but I installed my existing sensors along with the new model sensor that I ordered and all are working as they should.