Alternative battery for Smartthings multi sensor?

Smartthings multi sensor use a 3 volt CR2450 coin cell battery. Is there anyone having experience with alternative battery externally connected? Is it possible to step up to 3.6 volts ?

Hey there! @Kjell, that is highly unrecommended. Please remember to always refer to the Safety instructions of your device.

Instead, it is always recommended to use the battery type specified for your device. In your use case: CR2450 would be the only applicable battery to not cause damage to the device by using an incorrect type.

Here is a Screenshot of Saftey Instructions for your device explicitly stating not to use the incorrect type.

If you are looking to obtain a replacement CR2450, I would recommend a retailer who carries that type of battery in stock.

I hope this message finds you well!


I fully agree that it is best to use the type of battery recommended by the manufacturer, but I imagine that this user will be seeing how to minimize the effects of excessive battery consumption of these Samsung smartthings devices, manufactured by samjin, since October 2020 when are increased the accuracy of temperature reports to 0.1 ° which practically sends events every 5 minutes.
My devices went from consuming 30% in 8 months to consuming the remaining 70% in 1 month.
Now these devices are manufactured by Aotec, are they who have to find a solution?
This issue was tagged to @SamsungZell in December and it has not been answered if smartthings are going to modify something to be able to adjust the temperature accuracy on a door/window, motion or moisture sensors, and return to battery consumption as it was when we bought them.


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That decreased battery consumption?
How much do your batteries usually work?
Thank you

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I think that’s a very short time!
To me, with the modification of the temperature reports every 1 hour, it has consumed 16% in 4 months.
With these usage data that I have been taking into account since January.

With 3° trigger and 1 hour temperature reports

With 1° trigger and 1 hour temperature reports

11 months ago I put AAA batteries in 2 of my v2 SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors to use on my garage doors using this 3D printed case linked below.

The CR2450 batteries only last about 3-4 months for me, and that’s with the sensor indoors. I’m now at 11 months with the pair of AAAs and they were exposed to a cold on the inside of the garage door (where it gets down to close to freezing).

You’ll see that thread started with a 3D printed case for the v2 Motion Sensor. It might be possible to use two AAA for any device that uses a CR2450.


Effectively respecting the Device input voltage, having space or not having aesthetic problems, an external battery can be good solution. In fact, in the garage, for a water valve, I have a 12V, 7AH motorcycle battery, hahaha, which cost € 15.
There are AAA and AA great battery holders at amazon for just € 5.

For the House door, have to look for other solutions, while IDE works I have it solved and when it disappears, I will find my life or change the type of sensor with bigger battery.

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These door sensors work great if you are looking for only open/close notifications. They have a CR123A battery that lists a three year battery life. I have had mine for over a year now and they still show 100% battery.

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you can find these on ebay used/new cheaper then $30. look for the 2.5 which is the zwave plus version.

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In fact, if I was doing it today, I would just use an external 2 AA battery holder for my SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors instead of the 3D printed enclosure. The extra size wouldn’t matter for my use case, which is attached to my garage door.

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