Which motion detector would you recommend

There are many sensors that report on multiple attributes: motion, light level, temperature, humidity… These are actually different sensors in the same case, so you could certainly use the temperature values if you like. The biggest disadvantage is that the less expensive multiple sensor devices also tend to be less sensitive than the more expensive ones. For temperature there might be a +/- of 4°F, which many people would find insufficient for controlling a thermostat. So you just have to read the specs for each model you’re considering.

As far as specific motion sensor recommendations, or, for that matter, temperature reading device recommendations, I’m sure you’ll get many responses. Everybody has a favorite, often for different reasons.

The following thread goes over some of the different possible features for the major device classes, so it might also be of interest. :sunglasses:

@yvesracine has done a great deal of work with thermostats and may have more thoughts on different brands of sensors.

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