Which is the number one feature of an user-friendly home security camera? Resolution?


Ability to play back remotely.

I have two measures when it comes to security cams. First, is “action time” - how long it takes to get from event notification to live stream (that includes number of clicks, video loading times, etc). Second is “event recording speed”.- is the camera able to record the UPS guy dropping off a package, or you just get a video that shows the package is on the porch, but you don’t know who dropped it off?

I think this really plays into what you want to accomplish with he camera.

Resolution is imiportant because you want to be able to see what is happening clearly. I have tried a 720p and use only 1080p cameras. I can’t see how lower would be accetable.

Battery or water proofing can be very important if you will pace the camera outside.

Motion detection and look back can be very improtant as well.

How the video is stored. Local or cloud. I have heard some folks preach about local storage, that is great until the camera is stolen. As you guessed it i lean toward cloud storage but those plans can add up quickly.

Continuous recording vs only based on Motion can be a big factor to depending on what you are using it fore.

Pan/Zoom/Tilt can be nice as well depending of it will reduce your need for additional cameras.

Two way audio ar atleast a mic to record audio.

Built in alarm can be nice as well if you want to have a way to annouce to others around that the help is needed. With that alarm a good way to sound it and to notifiy authorities if needed.

I have been using arlo system for several of the reasons above. Not all of the above items relate to the Arlo Q and Arlo Pro 2 cameras i have though.

Remote viewing shouldn’t even be a option for a friendly home security camera.


  1. Motion detection and real time notifications
  2. Live view
  3. Pan/tilt/presets
  4. 2 way audio
  5. Remote playback of recordings
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Number one for me is the ability to work well with Smartthings. That is why I chose the Arlo cameras.


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