Which IDE do I use? There is more than one

Per the Core for Dummies thread, I am trying to setup Core. When I click the link to get to the IDE:
I notice my Hub and devices are not listed. In fact, when I click Hub, it says I need to “claim” my hub in the mobile app. I don’t know what that means. However, I somehow have also accessed another IDE:
I understand from Terry (at ActionTile) that I am using the wrong shard. That I need to be using the graph.api shard and not the graph-na02.

How do I do that? What’s confusing to me is that my ST environment seems to be doing what I want, my action tile is working great. So how can I be on the wrong shard and everything work properly. I think I need to be using graph.api but I can’t get my hub and devices to show up there, only on the other shard.

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Yes, I read that which is why I know what a shard is to begin with. It didn’t answer why I have access to both but they have different answers. As I said over at Action Tile, I guess I am not going to sweat this and hopefully it wont interfere with me trying to setup Core.

.1. Your Location (your Hub) lives on one Shard and one Shard only. If you have multiple Hubs, it is conceivable that they are on different Shards.

This is where you will find and must put:

.2. Your custom CODE can live anywhere, but it is not automatically replicated between Shards.

By “Custom Code”, I mean SmartApp Code and Device Type Handlers:

Currently, I’m finding that I cannot login to the “wrong shard” for my SmartThings Account (I have separate Accounts to test ActionTiles on different Shards though).

That didn’t used to be the case. You could “accidentally” paste SmartApp Code and Device Type Handler Code into the wrong Shard and it would appear to be missing when you logged into a different Shard.

###In Short:

  1. Figure out what Shard you are on and always explicitly login to it’s full URL.

  2. When you are using a published OAuth application, it will always authorize through “graph.api.smartthings.com” (aka NA01) regardless of what Shard your Location / Hub is on.


Hi @tgauchat,

What if someone uses ide.smartthings.com? Does it “auto direct” someone to the right shard once they log in?

No, it doesn’t, not unless you click “My Locations” and then select “YourHubName”. I had a problem where my v1 hub was on one, and my new v2 was on the second. I was having a heck of a time figuring out what was going on, as my old hub kept showing up magically, smartapps wouldn’t be there after I saved them and so on and so forth. Here is the response from support:

Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear about the problems with accessing your location but I’m happy to help. As our company has grown we needed additional server space to host user’s SmartThings networks. There are currently two server locations where these can be hosted. When you connected your first Hub, you likely had your information stored on the first server, which was found using the URL:

When you connected your new v2 Hub, your information was then stored on the second server location which uses the following URL:

Clicking on My Locations is supposed to redirect you to the correct server with which your information is stored for your connected Hub, but you can still access the information that was saved on the previous location.

At some point, we should have tools that will automatically direct you the proper location without this confusion. In the meantime, I would bookmark the correct URL (na02) so that you can access the correct location automatically when logging in.


It’s no different than graph.api.smartthings.com

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