No hub in IDE


I’m new to all of this smartthings. But I have a hub and I have it working with two devices. A dimmer and a fan controller. The app works great and I can control everything. I went to in an attempt to use custom device handlers. But after logging in, it doesn’t show any of my devices or my hub. I used the same account I use for the smartthings app. Is there something I am missing to connect them?

Well I figured out I was on a different shard.

It shows up here

But now is there a way for to take me to the right shard?

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Some relevant information here:

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Thanks for the help. I bookedmarked it as I’ll never remember that haha.

Another thing I always do is if it signs me out and i need to re sign in I just click location then home(name of my hub) and boom all my stuffs there. Pretty much a routine at this point. Noticed it quite often signs me out of my hub.