Which hub should I buy?

I will buy Aeotec smartthings hub or Samsung station. Which one of these should I choose? The price of both is the same in my country. Since I don’t have a Galaxy phone, I’m not interested in wireless charging. Can you tell me why I should buy it? This will be my first time owning a hub.

The station does not support zwave, so if you want to use zwave devices, you have to get the Aeotec.

If the price is the same and you don’t have a galaxy phone, I would probably recommend getting the Aeotec, just because it has a more established history. But I don’t have any personal experience with the station.

@Automated_House has both models and might have more to add. :thinking:

What country are you in? Z wave availability does vary from region to region, so if you’re in a country that doesn’t offer many zwave devices anyway, that wouldn’t really be a factor.


Is there a spec for both ? Which has more memory etc. I know the v3 has less memory than the v2.

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I live in Turkey. I have never come across a product that uses Zwave before. Actually, what I want to ask is which is better in terms of hardware (memory, processor, etc.). Based on your information, I will buy one of the two.

That’s exactly what I wanted to ask.

Here are the Aeotec specs:

I’m tired now, so somebody else will have to give you a link for the station, or you can Google it.

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Here’s one blog article which has specs. I would suggest verifying these with an official source, though.

Thank you very much. These links were very helpful. I’ll buy station.

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