Replacement for smartthings app? (Looking for something like a dashboard)

Title says it all. Only catches are:

Free (so no to Actiontiles, I love it but not enough to pay for it)
Useable on iOS

Thank you all for any responses!!

There are a couple of other community created dashboard options which are free.

Look in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki in the project report section on the “dashboard” list.

Another option might be the Stringify app, although it’s more for making rules.

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I sent you a quick note, Weston, to see if there’s any features (or planned features) of ActionTiles that maybe you missed that might make it worth the $23.99 (and … occasionally we’re on sale at 20% off, etc., too :wink:).

We also gladly extend the 14-day Free Trial upon request, especially if there’s some stuff we can help you explore.

Thanks for your compliments and love, regardless, though! – We need to encourage more reviews: Our Customers have posted on our Facebook Reviews page that we’re a solid 5-Stars :star::star::star::star::star:.

Not sitting on our laurels … we’re grateful for the support and the motivation to keep our “continuous improvement” plans on track.


For a “sit-back” view of what y’all can do with ActionTiles, we have a fan / vlogger who has recently produced a YouTube deepish-dive. There’s a coupon in the Comments :blush: which we’ll extend if this video is popular.

@tgauchat thank you for the reply and reaching out to me by PM. No, I haven’t had a lot of time to really review the features of Actiontiles. I know it looks good though, it’s just hard to find time to tinker.

I may take you up on the offer you extended though when I know I have sometime to play.

I am essentially trying to find a common dashboard for device interaction. I would like to find a 2-3 nice cheap phones/ tablets that I can place around the house for this functionality.


@JDRoberts - thank you for making this new system so easy for me. I feel like I am asking a million questions on here and am so appreciative on how everyone is willing to pitch in and give the newbie a hand with their tinkering. Thank you again.


Sure thing, Weston!

We recommend doing any “heavy lifting” (i.e., configuring / building dashboard Panels) on powerful platform like a desktop browser or whatever, our customers are super pleased that ActionTiles works great on any “up to date” cheap tablet (or “not too old phone”), especially Amazon Fire 7" and 8" Tablets which are frequently on sale or in the warehouse deals refurbished.

The Amazon Fire Tablets are so popular that more than one crafty person has begun selling custom 3D printed wall mounts / wall frames for them, for the “built-in” look.

Our current pricing is a great deal for your desire of “2-3 nice cheap phones/tablets around the house”, 'cuz it includes unlimited concurrent phones/tablets, Panels, and even additional AT Accounts for secure sharing of Panels around the home or to neighbors or family.

Take your time evaluating…

Building a “quick-and-dirty” Panel is, well, quick; but, yup … the app is optimized for functionality over simplicity, meaning that refining dashboard layouts takes some practice and experimenting. ActionTiles is a tool … just like SmartThings is, right?