Which Battery type for sensors CR2032

Which battery type in the chart below will give the longest life span in a sensor?com_en_products_search

These are the ones that I got from arrow.com. For my harmony remote. And I believe my iris garage door opener uses these batteries too. image

OK thanks ordered 20. I hope they are better than my Sony ones.

The Sonys are complete garbage!

No it is for the Xaoami Original Temp / Humidity sensors.

I agree, I have bought Sony, and the voltage before install was never the same between batteries. I bought no-name and the batteries lost 15% the first day. I am only buying Panasonic from Arrow, 20 for $3.87 is a bargain.

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Could you link that deal? Found this but it’s not the same price.


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Panasonic is still the leader in battery technology!!!.. period!

I have had good luck buying Panasonic form Arrow.

As a professional auto mechanic, I personally saw Panasonic batteries as OEM in several vehicles. It was not unusual to have them last 8 years, whereas most other batteries last 4-5 years at best.

My order is on the way.

Was curious if they charged for the hazardous material fee?
I had an order all ready to go and they said there would be an extra more $17 shipping fee on top of the $7.99 UPS fee.
With all those fees it is cheaper to buy them from almost anywhere else.

The only thing that comes to mind is they may be shipped by air. Since the batteries are lithium, they have the potential to explode and are considered hazardous.

Nope, said they had to be shipped by UPS Ground for $7.99 on the first page and then just before the final confirmation there was another * with mention of the extra hazardous materials charge. I think I’ll call instead of doing online.

I had three orders sent to me here in the USA by UPS ground, and no special charge.

joelw135 said his were shipped without a haz charge. Same company?

I am in the USA, where are you? Also shipping was free.

Or maybe they changed their policy in the last week.

In USA as well. I have not had a chance to call Atrow yet. If these are individually blister packed, I cannot think they would be very hazardous. Little chance of being shorted and starting fires when surrounded by cardboard and plastic.

No mine are bulk packaging. In other words there is a soft plastic sheet with frame the size of each battery, and then shrink wrap holding the batteries in. My first order came similar sheet with cardboard on top to hold the batteries into the molded sheet. As you can see from Arrow page it says Free shipping. But not one day more like one week.