Which Battery type for sensors CR2032

I was actually ordering the CR-2450 and CR-2477 which are shown in smaller retail type hang packs. Still not what I would consider hazardous.

All mine came with Hazard marked on the box and on the inside package, plus a paper explaining the reason for the hazard marking.

So you were ordering CR2450BN and you received a quote for them, as they are listed as not for sale. That is why there is a delivery charge, and maybe the Hazard as it comes from somewhere else not arrow.

I saw that arrow.com said none in stock for the CR2450BN. Are you saying that’s why there is a delivery charge?

Just a guess, not something from facts.

They had stock of both at the time I built the order. I only stopped because the extra hazard charge made poor economics.

The CR2450BN were in stock at Arrow when I ordered them back in October; there was no surcharge. Also at that time the free shipping threshold was lower. I ordered quantities of 10 each of CR2450, CR2, CR2032, and CR2025; total came to around $35 and shipping was free. Prices seem to have increased a bit since then.