Multipurpose sensor in cold environment

Planning on adding a Smartthings multipurpose sensor to my back door. I want to install it on the storm door and not the interior door. My storm door routinely gets frost on it so the sensor will be in sub freezing temperatures routinely, especially this time of year. Will this have any negative effects on the sensor itself? How about battery life?

In regards to batteries, are the Panasonic CR2450 still the preferred battery for replacement? I have a sensor on my front door that has been up and running for over a year. Getting down to 70% battery and I’ve read at about 66% they die. So would like to get the battery swapped out on that one before it dies. FWIW, I’m not sure if I have the “old” or “new” sensors. They were all purchased in October of 2017.

Cold will deplete the battery very quick. I have one in my garage and weather goes down to about -1 so I did away with the coin battery and used 2x aaa 1.5 batteries and bought a small battery enclosure of ebay for a few pounds and connected the 2 wires from it to the battery contact points in the sensor (where the coin battery was). I then wrapped a little insulation foil over the battery box and since the past 1 year the battery hasn’t dropped even 1% yet. I have also done the same for the presence sensor that I have fitted on the rear windscreen of my car.

Here is a crude photo of my garage one:


Thanks. I figured as much with cold killing the batteries quickly, but just wanted to check with those with experience. It’s not a deal breaker as the only reason I want it on the storm door is for porch light automation. We open the interior door sometimes in the warmer months to get some fresh air in the house. In those cases I don’t necessarily need the porch lights coming on. But can work that out another way.

The battery depleted faster than if you use it inside but it is still Ok. I have a sensor on mt mailbox outside and battery usually lasts 6+ month , even in the NY winter.

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