Longest Lasting Battery Contact Sensor

What is everyone using for a contact sensor that lasts the longest as far as battery life?
I’ve have about 15 Iris contacts, 15 SmartThings, and 1 Ecolink Zwave.
Iris lasts about 6 months.
SmartThings last about 4-6 months.
And the Ecolink is still going for about 2 years.

The Iris and SmartThings sensors are mixed between windows and doors with some windows never being opened but still needing to be replaced after a few months. The Ecolink is opened at least once per day and it is also the farthest from the hub. I experimented with batteries too, thinking I was just getting cheap batteries but have similar results.

Is the Ecolink just amazing or what am I missing?

I’m using Sensative Strips, after 3 years some are showing 75% battery life left, some 50%, they declare a 10 year battery life.

I was going to get Sensative Strips but the reliability seems sketchy.
The reviews seem 50/50.

I just checked on Amazon, and you’re right, seems about 50/50, luckily I got them before there were any reviews or else I may not of got them either.

I’m getting about a year and a half on mine that are on heavily used doors. I put the date of replacement on the battery so I can track. My window sensors, are getting 2 years, and are hardly used. We also have these sensors on certain cabinets and other interior doors and access areas, and those are hitting 2 years now. Motion sensors are everywhere, and get about 2 years. Same for my water leak sensors.

I’m really happy with battery life, even with the junky ones that came with them. I use Duracell, and I’m experimenting with rechargeable batteries right now on a few sensors.

28 Iris motion sensors
68 Iris contact sensors
14 Iris water sensors

I’m not sure why your experience with batteries in your Iris sensors is so low. Do these rejoin your Zigbee mesh a lot?

I only have a few ST branded sensors, and those are going to get replaced with spare Iris sensors I have. I hate the coin batteries, and they last about 6 months.

I use to have Ecolink before I dumped Zwave in favor of Zigbee devices, but when I had them they also lasted forever.