Which Aspire RF Devices to use for a 3 way Switch setup?

I’m very new to ST so please bear with me.

I’m trying to add some dimmers to my hub and the only ones that I can find that look decent are the Aspire RF series. (GE look too much like a regular on off paddle, lutron need the casita hub, levitron are not intutive)

I’m confused by which series switch to purchase though.

Right now it is a 3 way setup with one switch being an on/off and the other a dimer/on/off. I would like to keep the same configuration. Currently there are 8 50w halogen bulbs on the circuit, but we are replacing all of our lights with LED’s as we move forward.

The dimmer would be in a 3 gang box occupied by one other normal dimmer and normal on/off.
There are neutral wires in the box.

Can some one point me in the direction of what I would need to purchase from Eaton. Will a GE paddle switch installed in the second gang position look correct?

Anything that I’m not asking?


I suspect You aren’t getting many responses for two reasons.

First, the Eaton Cooper aspire series are nice devices, but at this point they are old technology because they use Zwave classic instead of the newer Z wave plus (Introduced in 2015). Most manufacturers have put out z wave plus versions of their devices, but Eaton Cooper has not yet, and it’s not clear if they’re going to.

There are several technical advantages to zwave plus, But the most significant for light switches from a consumer point of view is probably longer range (which also tends to mean a stronger mesh) And something called “networkwide inclusion” which is the ability to pair in place for devices which are more than one hop from the hub. All of which means if a Z wave classic light switch is more than about 40 feet from the hub, it may not pair. So you have to Either bring the switch close to the hub for the initial pairing, then move it to where you want it to be, then run a “zwave repair utility” Or you have to use a really long ethernet cable and bring the hub close to the switch.

The pairing issue only applies when you very first add the switch to your network, but it’s annoying enough that quite a few people are willing to pay more for the newer generation.

Second, I don’t understand this question.

Why would you be using a GE paddle switch if you are using the Eaton Cooper devices? And “second gang” Means the dumb switch that is next to the smart switch all in the same switch plate. But that doesn’t seem to fit with your earlier description.


If you meant the auxiliary switch position in a three-way set up, then that’s not a “second gang.”

As far as the first part of your question, what’s the wattage on the LEDs that you are using to replace the halogens?

Thanks for the response JD. I’ll try to clear up my questions.
The switch bank is two sets of three (see photo)
The top right is a three way dimmer, top middle is a simple on/off, The rest are just regular dimmer switches.IMG_0239

I would like for them all to look like they belong and match the style that is in the rest of the house.

I also would like for them to be intuitive for guest who come over. I find that most of the dimmer switches look like normal on off switches.

I agree that I would rather have zwave plus switches, but I am also concerned about the ascetics of the device.

I’m not very good at aesthetics, I just tend to focus on function.

@whoismoses has done a lot with the Eaton Cooper switches and might have some thoughts. :sunglasses:

for you Eaton Aspire Z-Wave dimmer users out there.

What A19 lamp manufacturer have you found works well with the Aspire dimmers?