Having trouble syncing Cooper Aspire RF light switch

Hello! This is my first post, and I’m new to z wave. I got my Smartthings hub working just fine with a device at the front of my house. I installed a Cooper Aspire RF light switch at the back of my house. (I chose this switch because it doesn’t require a neutral.) The app on my phone shows that it can’t find the switch. It’s not listed under lights and switches, and connect now doesn’t find it. The switch has a blinking blue light showing that it’s waiting to connect. Thanks!

It might be that the switch is too far away from the hub to make the initial connection to add.

Neal P, that was it. Thanks!

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Your Welcome and glad it helped out!

Whenever I move the hub back to its place, the switch is out of range. My hub is attached to my router, and my router has to be in the room it’s in because of the shape of my house and basement. The light switch is less than 40 feet from the hub, so it should be in range. The only thing I can think that may be the problem is that there is a two feet wide cinder block chimney in the way. Does anyone have any suggestions?