Which App?

Hi - I am new to all this - So here is a dumb question when I look in Google Play store I see 5 or 6 Apps under SMARTTHINGS - which one should I be downloading ? - TIA

This one SmartThings Mobile.

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As with many things from SmartThings, it’s not easy to find where you download the official apps.

But just go to the official site and look at the bottom of the page. There is a link there to both the Google play store and to the Apple App Store which will take you to the official apps.


But don’t neglect the value of exploring the add-on Apps for SmartThings :-).

(Including ActionTiles, which isn’t in the app stores, 'cuz it’s only available as a web-app at this time).


Totally off-topic but…is this a veiled hint that AT will be available as a native app someday? If so, that opens up some HUGE possibilities.

I think it is off-topic; so I have responded to you via Private Message. Thanks!