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Where's the web interface?

(Craig Campbell Jr ) #21

Just to potentially save someone else the time:

I tried using BlueStacks (a PC based phone emulator) and it didn’t work for me.

Edit: I guess it does now, see below!


(Steve) #22

Yes, I’ve had ST for 4 years now and during my first few days I discovered the IDE to add SmartApps, etc. At that time, there were posts about lack of web interface. I work from home 2 days a week and I frequently pop over to HydraWise to tweak a sprinkler setting, or to ecobee to control climate.

Odd, isn’t it! You can see a list of your devices in the IDE but can’t actually change state. You can see your routines listed on a device’s detail page but not activate them. I mostly use Google Home devices to run routines.


(Ponch Santiago) #23

Blue Stacks also works. Classic and new app