Where's the web interface?

Just to potentially save someone else the time:

I tried using BlueStacks (a PC based phone emulator) and it didn’t work for me.

Edit: I guess it does now, see below!

Yes, I’ve had ST for 4 years now and during my first few days I discovered the IDE to add SmartApps, etc. At that time, there were posts about lack of web interface. I work from home 2 days a week and I frequently pop over to HydraWise to tweak a sprinkler setting, or to ecobee to control climate.

Odd, isn’t it! You can see a list of your devices in the IDE but can’t actually change state. You can see your routines listed on a device’s detail page but not activate them. I mostly use Google Home devices to run routines.

Blue Stacks also works. Classic and new app

Thanks for mentioning that. Just got around to trying it, though I saw your post a year ago. Too bad that new app doesn’t allow dual columns like Classic did. Anyway, to people trying it now, once BlueStacks is installed, set your device preferences to custom under Advanced, using the following (I imagine other things will work).
Manufacturer: Samsung
Brand: Galaxy Tab
Model Number: 6

Then once it works, consider changing to portrait since you only get one column, and putting it on a vertical monitor. Increasing # of pixels makes everything smaller, hence showing more buttons.

Ran across this a few weeks ago. Forgot the URL. Took me a while to search it and am adding comments to some of the threads I found that said there is NO web interface. This URL works for me. Who knows how long this will be supported, if it will be improved, or other solutions like ActionTiles are better.


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This is brand new and still in development. It was introduced in 2020, so did not exist when some of the earlier threads were created.

There are a couple of discussion threads about this new web portal. Here’s one

Umm…pretty much everyone. It’s hard to avoid them. Most appliances have computers in them. Practically anything with a keypad or screen has a computer or programmable microcontroller in it these days. Maybe you meant a desktop or laptop computer with a full keyboard and readable monitor that’s inherently more ergonomic for most people to use?