Where to start writing code?

Brand new ST user here, and finding the built-in stuff a bit limiting. But after reading a few posts here, it seems that ST is extremely powerful… if you know how to create your own SmartApps.

My issue is that I’ve got a few decades of writing code and managing automation projects, but I can’t even figure out where to start. The only thing I find in the app are the apps in the menu, with nothing about how to write your own, how to load them, how to launch them…nothing. And, there doesn’t even seem to be any stickies here for new users.

Can someone point in the right direction? I just want some simple buttons that will set all my hue lights and some switches to individual states, levels, and colors. In other words, the beaten-to-death-and-apparently-not-yet-solved “Scenes” issue.

Thanks for any help!

There are developer docs available by going to the first page of this forum (click on “community” at the top of the page) and then choose “developer documentation” at the top right there.

Before starting that though, you might want to take a look at this:

It should answer a lot of questions.

You can think of core (described at that link) like a scripting language for SmartThings, it may very well be all that you need.

If you do want to get into writing your own groovy code, I think the developer docs will be a good place to start, and then you can come back to this section of the forum as you have follow on questions. :sunglasses:


A thousand thanks, and a thousand times yes: Please read the Developer Documentation first before diving into programming.

###RTFM (Read the Fancy Manual)!

I know it is against the nature of most “tinkerers” to not RTFM, but @Jim and @unixbeast have done a great job, especially with the conceptual / introductory sections for the platform, SmartApps, and Device Type Handlers.

Bookmark this: http://docs.SmartThings.com … though it’s really easy to remember that URL.

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Thanks for the info.

Is there a tutorial somewhere? Something that starts at just having the hub and app installed, and walks you through writing and using your first “Hello World” app?

There may be several ad hoc guides, but, to reiterate, have you first Read The Fancy Manual???

#Writing Your First SmartApp Tutorial…


Remember… The content of this Community is created by customers, not by SmartThings staff (though they chirp in to varying degrees on various topics). Similarly the Wiki is volunteer created: http://ThingsThatAreSmart.wiki

Whereas: http://docs.smartthings.com is official SmartThings produced documentation.


Just found that page and was coming here to remove my question. :smile:

Thanks much