Where to buy devices such as XBee?

I’m looking to use a few XBee modules to extend the ZigBee mesh in my home and analyze network connectivity. Some posts I saw from early 2018 seem to indicate that it costs around $7-8/ea (like this one and another ~$30 for 4), but what I can find now are all around $30 for XB3-24Z8PT and $20+ for XBee S2C. Maybe I’m not in the circle long enough, but where do you guys typically buy these kinds of devices from?

I bought mine from Arrow.com

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Thanks. I checked Arrow too (as well as GearBest, BangGood, AliExpress, FastTech, DigiKey, Mouser, SparkFun, AdaFruit, DX, Mountain Electronics…) It looks like that XBee is indeed a lot more expensive now, which makes it quite costly to get a few of these devices to extend ZigBee mesh.