Where is z-wave delete utility?

I’m trying to remove my devices since today is the last day for the V1 hub (I procrastinated because I knew it would be a struggle, and sure enough it is…)

For my door sensors the “how to delete” link goes to https://catalog.smartthings.com/views/v3/troubleshoot?productId=689241d9-f18c-3825-a522-7b7cd261825c&language=en-US which says

  1. Put the Hub into exclusion mode
  • Tap the back button until you reach the Dashboard
  • Tap Devices and tap the Hub
  • Tap the three dots in the top right
  • Tap Z-Wave exclusion

when I go to the hub and click the 3 dots all I see are “edit” and “information”. Neither of those two have z-wave exclusion.

How do I get to z-wave exclusion?

For v1 hub:
There is no z-wave exclusion available through the new app. You need to use IDE.

For v2 or newer hubs:
Go to the Devices section, click on the home icon in the upper left of the screen, find All Devices in that menu, find your new hub and open it! Click on the three dots in the upper right of the screen and select z-wave utilities.

update: this is an old thread with outdated info. current z-wave exclusion is available when you open the tile for the hub in the ST app, tap 3 dots and choose Settings and z-wave utilities.


I’m able to get to the z-wave utilities, but how does one forcefully remove a device when it is no longer in your possession?

with IDE on the way out… use API Broswer+

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if you long press the tile for the z-wave device you should get a delete option. tap it and it will run an exclusion. once that times out it should give you the option to force delete.


You can also do this from the new web interface at my.smartthings.com

And the API Browser+ can also force delete a device.

Of course that won’t work if you do not have on-line and local the hub the device was associated with.