Where is the live logging feature hidden?


The Smartthings groovy ide developer site (https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/) used to have a live logging feature. I can’t seem to find that anymore. Where is that feature hidden?

I’m asking because i need to debug my “MiLight Manager” as somehow since a recent update it’s not working anymore. So i need to know the packets smartthings sends to that thing (http calls) which used to show up nicely in the live logging.

It’s gone as part of the Groovy migration, platform changes, and eventual shutdown of the IDE.

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WHAT?!?!?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Well, that’s a nice way to kill and already crappy - but functional - platform.

Are there any viable smartthings alternatives that doesn’t have samsung be remotely involved in it? I’d be very interested!

Hubitat Elevation, Home Assistant, etc…. To name a few.

Why are you surprised? The deprecation was announced a couple years ago.

You could try Wink . . .


I bought Smartthings to be in control of custom apps and have the ability to create one myself if i’d want to. The integration of other radios helps massively!

Now i bought it before samsung made it horrible.

Now i have to go on the research route again to find a solution that can do my milight lights + integrate with google home. While this is possible with Home Assistant, it’s a huge hassle to get it working… And that is even without the hassle of usb dongles for other radios (zigbee most notable).

Hence a “programmable hub” with integration in Google home out of the box was the most convenient and easiest way.

Yep, I agree. Replicating some of my SmartApps with Routines has been challenging. Doable, but challenging, especially since there are also limits on how many you can have (automations, devices, etc.).

I’ll likely stay with ST for several reasons, but I will miss the convenience of quickly developing SmartApps.

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I’ll only keep the smartthings crap because another samsung device requires it to be configured in my house. Other then that i have no need for it anymore. Or rather, they killed my only other immediate need for it.

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The MiLight integration probably stopped working because it was using a groovy smartapp as a service manager. That hosting was turned off this week. So logging wouldn’t have helped anyway. :thinking:


Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

If MiLight eventually adds Matter support you might get future integration that way, but no promises.

they have raised the limits with Automations in the Fall so those are better than the original limits they had in place or are you referring to some other limits with them?

SmartThings was always cloud-based, hence our vulnerability when the company decides to change the cloud services. :disappointed_relieved:

For what you’re describing, your best bet will probably be hubitat or Homeseer, with Hubitat being the more familiar development environment. But with either you are insulated from corporate changes if you choose to keep what you had. Home Assistant is always possible as well, but is more work to run. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Nope, it’s them. I just didn’t have the limits handy.

It’s up to 1,000 for automations, but I believe still 200 for devices. :thinking:

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Yup, and I can certainly confirm the device limit…

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Wait??!?? Is that 200 zwave, 200zigbee, or 200 combined?

200 total of all devices regardless of protocol including virtual devices, per location (not per hub). It appears to mostly be a UI limit imposed by the app as it also affects users who do not have a hub.

The limit has been in place for about two years, but is enforced differently in different places so it’s kind of weird.

There is also a max of 50 edge drivers per hub.

OK, I misunderstood from days gone past. I thought it was 200 per protocol. I know I was barely over 200 before the migration I think I am at 180 something currently. Good to know.


Correct, and anything over than that causes your hub to disconnect/reconnect due to hub resource issues. How do I know? I have an open incident on that. Hub events also show this issue, but not in a lot of detail but you can see a pattern:

I can’t go into a lot of detail, but it’s directly related to me being over 250 devices, and that’s already down from a whole lot more…

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Look another thread of someone being upset even with 2 years of warning that this was going to happen.

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Live logging can be done with the ST CLI using the logcat option.