Where is the live logging feature hidden?

I have spoken with a number of people who installed a device a couple of years ago, or a service like Life360, following the directions given to them at that time, and they have no idea that are using custom code. Or that it’s written in groovy. Everything‘s worked fine since then, now it stopped working. They thought the various announcements apply to people who were programmers.

The communications on this transition have never been really clear, even for the people who are programmers, so I would just give people a break on this.

For that matter, some things still aren’t detailed. I’ve been asking myself through official channels for over 18 months about what will happen with virtual switches for people who don’t have a hub, and specifically for virtual switches that can trigger Alexa, and at this point the only official acknowledgment is that they are looking at the issue.

So again, let’s help people where we can, be understanding where we can’t, and wish everybody well no matter what direction they’re going in. Different things work for different people, and different people have very different levels of understanding about the architecture of the platform.


I was already using the - far superior - ESP8266 MiLight hub project. Though i don’t think either MiLight itself of that third party hub would integrate Matter support.

Then again, they don’t need to. Would be nice, but not required. They are just hubs to access the ligths in a MiLight network. The tool communicating with that hub - SmartThings in my case - is the one that needs to support matter.

Best case is obviously them implementing it but that’s very unlikely to happen.

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That’s exactly the reason I bought into SmartThings.

It’s also the reason I moved from SmartThings to Hubitat. Hubitat has a Groovy API for apps and device types that is compatible with the one SmartThings just turned off. E.g., all your existing SmartThings code probably still works on a Hubitat hub. There are probably updated versions available already (Echo Speaks, webCoRE, etc).

Which brings up the other massive advantage that have: all that Groovy code runs locally on the hub. There’s no cloud induced lag, cloud induced outages, or the company forcing you to upgrade to something that turns off features.


And I’ve fallen right into this… Not active in the community and had got things setup to how it works and walked away.
Years ago installed Monoprice Z-Wave In-Wall On/Off Dual Relay Modules in the bases of all the fans. The house is 100 Yrs old and still has original wiring so these worked the best. I got Monoprice 11990 Dual Relay Module code from justintime after learning of Github Repositories and muttled through getting to work…

So what I’m getting from this thread is all those custom handlers I had are now useless and need to move on to something else … ditch the SmartThings, start over new…

Seen allot on this Hubitat. Again as a hobbyist who just wants things up and functioning they way they were with no module replacement is this what you would recommend me looking into? Thanks in advance and appreciate any recommendations you would have.

  1. Hubitat was originally intended for professional installers and lacks some of the “plug and play“ feel of smartthings. They have a very active community who is always willing to help, but it may feel more technical than smartthings did, depending on what you did with smartthings. Also, the app is definitely not as polished, although you can use sharptools with it if you like that. So it’s not as simple as a one size fits all recommendation.

  2. custom groovy handlers will no longer work, but many will be automatically transitioned to new Edge drivers which may work just fine and also, there are a number of custom edge drivers which have been created by community members. So you may find that there are working replacements for whatever you had, you just have to research model by model.

Here’s the community FAQ on edge, which should have all the information and links you need.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Shame ST could not have put a banner message on the Home page of the app with some sort of warning

We had it when they killed the original app and it most certainly would have helped with this next… transition/step/backwards/forwards move


I am fairly relaxed about it because I had the same two years warning that the threads were coming.

As I have commented a number of times, with SmartThings there is a line between end users and developers and no grey area in between. There are consequences for crossing it that aren’t obvious to everyone. Many won’t be able to see the line.

It is also something of an own goal by the Community in many respects. How many of us have directed users to custom handlers and apps, or even just suggested twiddling something in the IDE? Did we make clear that there could be implications in the future? How many of us are still doing it with community Edge drivers?


Well… While that would’ve helped raising awareness, it still would’ve been a dick move.

I bought smartthings for, also, the custom apps. That was one of it’s core features.
What samsung is doing now is effectively killing it. A core feature that was a reason to buy this thing in the first place!

It’s just nasty.
I guess smartthings now became dumbthings.

For people who never read this forum why not include a notices section in the app and let people know what’s going on that way? :roll_eyes:

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Sadly, Samsung has already made the point that the notices section of the app is for noise. “Do more with your TV” “Never miss a trick”. Just stupid advertising.

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It’s annoyingly not chronological, I’ll give you that.

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