Where is the latest Documentation?

Anybody have access to the latest documentation. I don’t understand how they can release an update without developer documentation.

What update are you referring to?

Developer Documentation (1.0 is whats posted on SmartThings) does not match the latest release of the iOS App. especially in the areas of multiAttributeTile(). Some of my custom device handlers no longer work as programmed.

Yea, you’re not likely to get app specific release notes, ui components are supposed to function cross platform the same ways.

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Well thats obvious, the look and feel is completely different than what the document describes and shows!!!

I agree the documentation is lacking, I had to find workarounds for both the device type and smart app I wrote because th docs said that something would work and does not. I think at this point ST is more concerned with getting the platform stable to worry about ensuring developer docs are up-to-date. Devs are dropping like flies and pulling their code and it is because of much larger issues than the docs, not trying to say that is a valid excuse but it is reality.

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What specific issues are you having with multi attribute tiles? I know those documents were updated about a month ago, but they have been a moving target. I need to go through and update that entire page when I get a chance. I know some of the images are using old versions of the mobile app.

One of these lines no longer works. The problem seems to be with the SECONDARY_CONTROL. Its’s no longer viewable in the PRIMARY_CONTROL.

attribute “getRGBLED”, “string” // Get the LEDs’ present color and level from the Arduino returned as a string

tileAttribute (“device.getRGBLED”, key: “SECONDARY_CONTROL”) {
attributeState “default”, label:’${currentValue}’}

def result4 = createEvent(name: “getRGBLED”, value: “RGB: ${tempString3}, Level: ${tempString4}”)

SLIDER_CONTROL is now 1/4 size of its length and right justified. Not as documented!!!
COLOR_CONTROL is no longer a color wheel. Not as documented!!! Though it is a better control (It would have saved me a lot of codling on the Arduino side. I guess the new color picker was designed to make use of the Hue variable or color Color Temperature Variable.) It also needs a cancel key. Additionally, If you have a Phillips Hue Color bulb, play with a little bit. 99K color temperature is not right. This needs to be fixed and documented. All these problems appear to be systemic from the same problem. multiAttributeTile() as well as the algorithms that produce color temperature for the Philips Hue Bulb.

@jdhoog: You mentioned the SECONDARY_CONTROL not showing. This is a known issue that has a fix that is being staged for our next iOS release.

The SLIDER_CONTROL will fill all available space in the bottom of the multiAttributeTile. If your SECONDARY_CONTROL text is long, that will reduce the slider’s width. I don’t quite see how this behavior fails to align with what’s currently documented, but I understand your concern.

Yes, the COLOR_CONTROL documentation could use some updates to reflect the new look and feel, but it still functions exactly the same way as it did before, by supplying an RGB hex value to your device type handler. Color Temperature is not being sent.

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This is a photo of the use of color temperature now used in your device handler for the Hue Bulb which I believe was written by ST. If I am wrong, I am sorry. But, I have no current documentation or examples to track the changes and information myself. 99K is not a Valid Color Temperature!!! Its just the range of the slider.

As for the SECONDARY_CONTROL, Its position was perfectly located right under the icon, yes my message is a little long (Not one word maybe three words.) The slider should not have to compete with the SECONDARY_CONTROL for overall length. You are taking away overall functionality of this tile.

As COLOR_CONTROL, don’t you think there ought to be a cancel button. Like the on on the previous COLOR_CONTROL. ST is taking functionality away not improving it.

As a hardware/software developer (My plans were develop a smart house around ST. But, I have ST deployed in two places both are marginally reliable at best. Some administrative interaction once a week.) I can understand the frustration of other developers who are making hardware who may or may not be able to write and Device Handler. Because it a moving target without documentation. All that is published is 1.0.