I had a device type that wrote which was working great until the latest IOS client, now my SECONDARY_CONTROL will no longer show on the screen… what is the deal?

This is a known issue - see

In that thread ST claims that they submitted an updated version to Apple over three weeks ago (something I doubt as review times currently are very short)


The fix for this issue will be in our next release. Hang tight!

So, was there a new version submitted more than three weeks ago or not? It is really difficulty to “hang tight” when being fed untruths…

With respect, you haven’t been fed untruths. A new version was submitted and approved, but the decision was made to not release it, as there are other things at play. Rest assured, when the app is updated, this issue will be fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Makes me wonder how many new bugs will be introduced with new version. Seems to be a recurring theme - fix one bug, add three new ones. :confused:


thank you for the clarification - however, rather than asking everyone to “hang tight” it might have been prudent to update those statements to include that information rather than having people assume that a new application will be released any day now for weeks…

Especially after explicitly asking for an updated status which was only met with silence: