Where do we report bugs? Found one that has a easy fix

I have a bug i’d like to see fixed… I cannot enter a minus/stripe character during routines for power plug outlets. So i cannot enter “if power consumption is -500w, then x”.
Where with temperature sensors, it is allowed to enter a minus character…
Seems that the developers never held account that you could connect solar panels or something else to a outlet, and now i’m stuck.

I have tried to use over 5 devices now to try to make my routine work, and on the one device that works reliable and good, i cannot enter a simple “-” character, making me stuck. Extremely frustrating…

Would appriciate advice where we can report this. I only found “support” that doesn’t really help me with bugs, and always assume everything is working and the problem is on my phone.

Such a easy thing to fix…

Report to support@smartthings.com

I will caution you to not make assumptions. There may be a reason it doesn’t accept a negative value. It may not be as simple as 'let me put a negative there…". For example, We would think that filtering things you don’t want Alexa to see would be easy. That requires an overhaul of how ST did thier security model and therefore almost three years later we are still waiting.

Its ok to build a business case and submit to support@smartthings.com just don’t assume it’s going to be fixed anytime soon. Best case is probably months.

Code is code. Im 99% certain this is a extremely easy fix, as it’s just adding support for a minus. It works as a if for temperature readings, therefore it also works for power consumption. Both devices simply transmit a number to smartthings, and smartthings can take actions because of that.

Is there a way to force a minus into the routine? Somewhere on the web or code we can see and edit of my routines?

Have tried pasting in a negative number created in a different application.

I tried to copy paste a minus into it without luck. Is there any way to access routines besides the smartthings app? Or is there a way to edit it by code somewhere? Its a very small change.

Not that I am aware of, but my knowledge is very limited.

Same issue when trying to set -30 minutes before sunrise while using the app on my Galaxy phone.
So I used the app on my chromebook where you have a full keyboard and I did it with no problem.
If you hook your Galaxy phone to your PC with PhoneLink you should be able to do it with your PC keyboard as well.

But, in your example wouldn’t you actually want the “less than” < symbol ?

Worth to try later, its a other app?
Also -30 doesnt work? Maybe too cold or something?
And no, i need the minus symbol as the switch reports watts in minus. Like a temperature sensor reports minus when its freezing.

Edit: if its not a other app it probably wont work as the text field doesnt allow it, its not a issue with the keyboard. (Copy pasting doesnt work)