Thermostat Routines Only Accepting Celcius After Recent Upgrade

The home default was set to Fahrenheit so I toggled it to Celcius and then back to Fahrenheit with no success. This is happening on ALL 8 thermostat controllers (3 different brands) so I don’t believe it is device specific. Display on all devices is correct on both device and in the app. Any ideas on a resolution path?

One bit of advice → Report the issue to ST support. There was another user reporting the issue yesterday.


Yeah, thanks, i did that. Just thought someone in the community might have tripped over the same thing and resolved.


And how exactly do I file a report these days? I tried to send an email to the usual support address, but got an auto-reply that it was no longer being monitored.

Contact ST Support in the app. Tap on Menu and select Error Reports. There is also the option to “Call us” in certain regions.

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I called the support number 800-726-7864. I was on hold for less than 10 seconds and spoke with a service rep. I sent them screen shots and they logged the bug into the system with the development team.

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Just an update… got a bit of a delay tactic from the development team, looking for log files. (brings back memories… I remember asking for this stuff when when I was too busy!) The issue is easily repeatable and I don’t think they’ll see anything in the log file since this isn’t really producing “trappable” an error, just fields that aren’t respecting the global default unit of measure for temperature… I sent the log file…

From Samsung support team:
The next Level tier have responded

If the issue persists, we’ll need logs from the app to investigate further. Have the user reproduce the error a few times to generate log information, then follow these next steps in the app to get the logs (Menu->Contact Us->Error Reports->Complete the error report in the app.) This will send a log file to our devs to investigate.

Latest update:
The next Level tier have responded:

Our T3 engineers are aware of the temperature issue occurring while creating Routines and are currently working on an update to fix this. kindly keep an eye out for future app updates which should fix this. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for their patience while we work to resolve the issue.

SmartThings Support Team