Where do I get wind gust information accurately

I have been using Weather Station Tile for a long time to determine the wind speed and wind gust. Today after noticing nothing was working I noticed that the wind gust information was not changing. Is there anywhere else to get this information for Webcore. I know that this has happen in the past but now it seems that it has been doing it for some time

Get your own hardware, relying on cloud from a near by PWS will always have hiccups. Try Netatmo Weather Station or the newer Bloomsky… or other similar weather stations.

Thanks for the info but I was not looking at spending $200 for just wind info. I was hoping that there was a better way. I know this has happen in the past but if was resolved. I was hoping that it was something in the DTH. But after comparing it to the API everything looks correct. Maybe I will have to go that route.

FYI - Wunderground has been fubar on and off for a few days … I run my own PWS (Davis Vantage Pro) and I’ve noticed that Wunderground reports that I use for my ST have been down or HEAVILY delayed.

Originally I chalked it up to the recent ST issues - but then when I checked my PWS page it was about 2h out of sync with my personal website’s data …

Oh the joys of cloud based solutions and integration

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I am thinking of using WebCore and writing something to pull data directly from my weather station website via JSON … wunderground has been blunderground a LOT lately

I’m noticing lots of cloud implementations are having issues recently. Not just ST, not just Wunderground… The ecobee cloud has been funky a lot. Multiple downtimes, some of extended duration.

Almost as if the collapse of net neutrality is being felt immediately.

I doubt that’s the case, but it’s very coincidental…

You also get temperature, rain, uv, etc. Wind is the bonus.
Joking apart, unless it’s in tour back yard it might not be accurate enough and it’s not under your control.

It depends what you want to measure. If you are interested by the instant gust or forecasts.

For forecasts, I would parse simply a source of information (Wunderground is the one I use).

Parsing the current condition, you could use wind_string and direction to decide what to do.
As I see wind and wind_gust mph/kph at 0, I believe these are not available in the free subscription…

Now if you want to measure instantly, an Arduino and a windspeed sensor would do the trick like in https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/arduino-wind-speed-meter-anemometer-project-30032016/

Hope it helps.