Weather Underground API's?

Is astronomy the only data feature available from Weather Underground? I have been trying to use conditions and get a return of null…makes me think smart things is not subscribed to the conditions API?

I’m trying to get the local wind speed from weather underground. Here is my code…what am I doing wrong?

def data = getWeatherFeature( "conditions", zipcode )
log.debug( "Current windspeed in ${zipcode} is ${data.wind_mph} mph")


@av8rdude try data.current_observation.wind_mpg

@Dianoga that did the trick! Thanks for the help.

@Dianoga Where did you find the correct api call? I have found their documentation and it doesn’t show the “current_observation” part?

I appreciate your time,

Oops…the link disappeared:

If you look at the json response from wunderground, the field you wanted was enclosed in the current_observation object.

Sorry for bumping an old post…

I would really like to use the data from my particular weather station since where I live (a rural mountainous area) one zip code covers a tremendous area. My station ID is KCALOSGA37 (see Is there a call that references the ID instead of the zip code?

John O

If memory serves, use pws:KCALOSGA37 instead of the zipcode

But I’m not entirely sure. It’s been discussed elsewhere if you want to try searching.

Yep. Station id in place of zip.