Where do I find current mode state?

Could someone please remind me where I find the current mode state in the (new) App? (The “home/away” mode not the STHM state.)

I’ve recently had several automations misbehave, and an incorrect mode would explain it… but I can’t for the life of me remember where to find the current mode state in the app. (I do know how to change the mode via scenes but want to first confirm the misbehavior root cause.)

You go to the ‘three dot’ / ‘kebab’ / ‘overflow’ / ‘more’ menu on the app home screen / dashboard and you’ll find it in Manage location.

Placing it there seems rather apologetic. Its like they are embarrassed about having it at all. It deserves to be an icon on the main menu.


It’s true, in a suggestion from the app, I asked if they could show the current location mode on the main screen, just like the weather.

Well, were that the case they should hide the entire home page there :grinning:

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