Determine Mode Within new 2021 ST app?

I know I am probably missing something obvious, but when looking in the SmartThings app how can I tell what the current mode is?

Get ready…

Go to the Devices section, click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen, look for Manage locations and open your location

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Thanks for the response. Is there no way to get it displayed on the opening screen?

Ar the present time - no.

Thanks! To me it would seem to be an obvious need.

Maybe you can create virtual switches to match your modes . Use automations to turn them on when in that mode . These can show on the home screen


Hey there! @Pegasus9, to add on to @Srmadden’s great suggested workaround.

I have seen use cases where using the Virtual Device Creator (Located under Automations>Smart Apps> If available for your region) to create a virtual switch to monitor your Location Mode changes, it won’t give you the present/not present but you will be able to have on/off functions for example: If at this time of day, the location mode/member location changes to away, then turn on Away Mode Virtual Switch and turn off Home Mode. This will allow you to have two switches displayed that can be added to your Favorites page for quick access/viewing; one for when you are present, and one when you are away, and of course can create additional ones for any other location mode that you have included in your Smart Home setup. I have seen Sleeping Modes, Outdoor Modes, Party Modes, Workout modes, etc.

Keep in mind you would need to create separate automations based on your mode usage for example home automation, and away automation so that the Device Card(Tile) can update between the statues.

I hope this message finds you well!


You would think. I know for a fact it was brought up during their user feedback sessions months ago :cry:Unfortunately I think its one of those things the Samsung mothership doesn’t see value in for us SmartThings power users.

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I’d settle for it being promoted by one click. When I hit Manage Locations I get told the following in addition to the Location name:

  • The address of the location. I’d always want to see the map if I was interested in the geolocation. It is the centre of a geofence so, even if a precise address is offered, that doesn’t make it meaningful to me anyway. Otherwise the name of the Location suffices.
  • The number of members. I’d rather know who they are, not how many there are.
  • The number of rooms. Again, I want to know which ones, not how many.

Apart from the number of Linked Places, the only information not presented on the Manage Locations page that isn’t also on the individual pages is the Location Mode, and yet that is the one thing that is useful.


I agree.

The way this started was I was trying to troubleshoot a presence sensor and it was always several menus down – I wanted a faster way to see it.

No VDC in the US I guess.

Not sure if this helps you but I’m in the US and have an option to create a virtual switch under labs.

On android:
Open app → menu → labs → virtual switch

Found it!


Why do I keep saying go to the Devices section to find Manage locations… i don’t know. I keep forgetting for some reason.

Just click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen on the Favorites screen :slight_smile: