Where's the manage location mode option?

So I’ve been looking all over the app, I can not find where the location modes are. I can see in automations I can react to them backed on what they are set to but I can not find where you can manually set them.

Home icon > Manage Locations > (Choose Location) > Location Mode


OMG! That is horribly buried deep. That makes that almost useless…

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I don’t mind having to dig a little to change the Location Mode but I do want to see the current value. I find it incredible that the geolocation of the Location, the number of Rooms and the number of Members are considered more of interest. Not only that but an app update or two ago they started displaying a line of information under the Location name in the first menu you come to and they chose the Location owner name.

Even creating an automation to display the Location Mode in a device is fiddly because they are handled as UUIDs.

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