Manually Change Modes

I’m still struggling with this new interface - where the heck do I change modes for a location?

From the dashboard, tap the icon on the top righthand side of the screen. The icon looks like a chat bubble. Then at the bottom you’ll see change modes

I hope they make it a bit clearer in the next version. I can’t find where it shows what mode you are currently in…

@liemydude that’s the hello home actions which help to automate changing modes and settings devices.

@zj4x4 & @chevyman142000 the current mode is at the top of the left side pop out menu on the dashboard. You can manually change modes from there.

Agreed - its a bit confusing. Constantly struggle to get on the right screen to see the current status, see who is home and where to auto set the status based on presence. One would think they should all go together in a UI.

Totally agree. It’s currently a 2 or 3 “click” function, depending on where you start out. It would seem that changing modes would be one of the most commonly performed actions, and be a top level menu item. Feedback for the ST team.