Where are the rest of my people?

I’m new to ST. I just got the hub, connected from my phone, and added devices. My son installed the app on his phone and connected, too. He can control stuff. But when I click on My Home > Family it lists me and my phone but doesn’t list him or his phone. Any suggestions? He is listed with his email address under My Account > Account Users.

What needs to happen for him to become a real person with his phone being recognized and listed under Family?


go to things
coming and going
mobile presence
he just refused when he installed

he has to do on his phone…using his account


Thanks Michael,

I can’t get this to work. Under Marketplace > Things I don’t see a category called Coming and Going, nor can I find one under My Home > Things. Could you be a little more specific? Or perhaps it’s different in my version of the app than yours?


Marketplace, then things, then sensors, then presence sensors, then mobile phone.

Not really sure.

  1. Go to marketplace in the app, on the top make sure you are in the Things Tab
  2. Select Sensors
  3. Select Presence Sensor
  4. Select Mobile Phone
  5. Just follow the steps from there.

Thanks. This nailed it.