Where Are Other SmartThings UK Users Located?

Thought seeing as we are a relatively small island would be good to know if there were other Smart Thingers near by…

So perhaps a thread for where we are in the country with our ST deployments?

I’ll start…
My Info:

Name: Simon
Location: Milton Keynes
Joined The Community: August 2015 (use daily)
Devices: 1 (but will be changing in next couple weeks…)
Pros: Business/Systems Analyst, technology geek since the late 70’s, know it all…
Cons: Know it all…

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Welcome aboard @Simon_Goldberger

Great post idea, it will be good to know who else we have on here and where everyone is for upcoming SmartThings UK events and joint hobbyist projects etc

My Info:

Name: kyle
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
Joint The Community: Feb 2015 (use daily)
Devices: 30+
Pros: Graphic Design & Basic Coding
Cons: Basiccc Coding (Want to learn more)

I look forward to everyone elses contributions

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Down south near Basingstoke :slight_smile:


My Info:

Name: Greg
Location: Near Manchester, Cheshire
Joined The Community: October 2015
Devices: 11 (Hub / Motion Sensor / Multi Sensor / Presence Sensor / Power Outlet / WeMo Switch / Nest Thermostat / Nest Protect x2 / Philips Hue (3 RGB, 2 Lux))
Pros: Interface/App Design, Basic Coding, Creative Thinker/Innovator whatever you want to call it.
Cons: Basic Coding, Not a millionaire - this is an expensive “hobby”

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Welcome @HughB, look forward to hopefully meeting you at any upcoming SmartThings UK Events/Hackathons :blush:

Welcome @ghesp, You will fit right in here been a Creative Tinkerer/Innovator . . . It genuinely is a great community for bringing ideas to life :slight_smile:

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Thanks @AutomateEverything. I have lots of ideas on things to do, from apps to automation projects, however my coding skills are not the best (I know a bit) so would be great to have people to work with to bring things to life!

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Name: Russ
Location: Sunny Brighton
Joined The Community: 3/10/15
Devices: waiting on my ST starter kit to be delivered but have a Nest thermostat & IPCAM.
Pros: very techy & work in IoT
Cons: impatient!
We’re having an extension built at the moment so will add some Nest protect alarms soon.

Based in Southampton

Name: Sean
Location: Colchester, Essex
Joined The Community: October 2015
Devices: Starter kit, sonos system multiroom
Pros: IT Manager with focus on end user devices and selection (think SP3, SP4, Ipad Pro, Surface Book), plus DIYer and full-time cable hider!
Cons: impatient and likes to test across too many devices!

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Name: Gavin
Location: Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield
Devices: ST starter kit a few IP Cams, and a few other bits and pieces.

Early adopter of stuff, I have Canary Home security, 3 x Korner sensors and love all things IT

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Name: Matt
Location: Sutton Coldfield (Gavin you must be fairly close to me)
Devices: Honeywell Evohome, Netatmo, Cytech Comfort, Bosch Indigo Connect and a few other bits and pieces
Pros: Tech & telecoms software and hardware development experience
Cons: Never enough time in the day to do as much hacking around as I would like

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Name: Adrian
Location: Isle of Man
Joined The Community: October 2015
Devices: ST Starter kit, Sonos Play:1, Fibaro dimmer 2
Pros: IT Manager been obsessed with IOT since I heard about it nearly a year ago. Couldn’t resist when I saw ST in Currys.
Cons: Too many other expensive hobbies, so will be slow to build up my devices.

Sounds like a good idea, here’s my info:

Name: Martin
Location: London
Joined The Community: September 2015
Devices: 30+
Pros: Application packager (VDI), linux enthusiast, hardware tinkerer and diy’er e.g. http://goo.gl/AvKnW
Cons: not enough time to tinker!

Name: Satinder
Location: London (Pinner)
Joined Community: 2 years ago
Devices: 15 (Still using the US hub and devices)

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Snap still on US V1 also, deciding wether to get a US or EU V2 once they have ironed out the oustanding issues . . . Strongly depends on how much the UK/EU Zwave device options picks up as currently its minimal compared to US

Morning All,

Name: James
Location: London
Joined The Community: October 2015
Devices: 3 (Got the starter kit from The Insiders trial)
Pros: Arduino Developer, I help to run “Not Just Arduino” every other Monday @ London Hackspace, Telecoms Consultant by day
Cons: not enough time to tinker! << THIS!

Name: Colin
Location: Midlothian, Scotland
Devices: Honeywell Evohome Controller plus Radiator Sensors, 2 x Wemo Insight Outlets, SmartThing Hub, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Multi Sensor on Door (with Door Knock smartApp), 3 Multi Sensor on Windows, 1 Android Device Presence, 1 Presence Sensor, 1 SmartThing Outlet, DoorBird (Coming Soon)
Pros: More money than sense
Cons: Not enough money

Android platform using
Evohome App
SmartThings, App
Wemo App,
Life360 App
IFTTT App and
AutomateIt App

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Name: Alec
Location: London (High Barnet)
Joined Community: 1 month ago
Devices: 2 x ST starter packs. Nest. ST leak detector. Fortrezz siren
Pros: Architect
Cons: Code-a-phobe

Were you missing a device from your kit?

Hey Aaron - no, it was a typo, my bad! Thanks for checking to make sure though :smile:

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