When will Smartthings control my toilet?


(Rubin Dhillon) #1

Seems to be a trend to discover some new “smart” device on the Internet and post a question on the Smarthings forums about when it will be supported.

So - when will the Lixil Satis toilet have Smartthings support?

(Brian Steere) #2

I suspect this was created in jest but…

Looks like it only communicates via Bluetooth. I don’t see any mention of an API so I don’t think it can be hooked directly into SmartThings


(Chrisb) #3

I’d like to know when this will not only be supported but also when SmartThings will be able to post onto facebook for me. If I can have my SmartHome automatically update Facebook when I use the bathroom this will save me soooo much time!

(Brian Steere) #4

Once the toilet integration is complete, adding Facebook posting should be relatively straightforward.

(Robin) #5

Sorry to bump such an old thread but I have my toilet integrated!


I initially purchased a lesser model and linked it up using some Zwave relays and a bit of hot wiring. I then upgraded to the IR remote model so simple to link up with a Logitech Harmony!!

I can now say “Alexa, turn on wash my butt” and hey presto, nice and clean!!

Next on the agenda is the flush mechanism!