When will naming multi gang switches (in Edge Drivers) finally be fixed?

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just to illustrate the big problem with not being able to rename. See that it is impossible to use devices with edge driver in smart lighting. In my print I have several devices with 2 and 3 gang and they are listed like this in smart lighting and there is no way to know which one it is.


To be fair, since SmartLighting is part of the old architecture and will be going away when The transition to the new architecture is complete, I don’t really think there’s a requirement that edge Drivers (which are part of the new architecture) work with SmartLighting.

However, they do need to be able to work with third-party voice assistants and with routines in the new architecture.

Do you see the same issue if you try to create a routine in the app? or add the component to a scene?

this is the main problem

routine and scene works well.

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They work fine in routines. You pick the main switch and can control the sub-swiches.

Alexa and Google are a problem.

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a terrible problem

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In my opinion, child devices would be the perfect solution for this because the developer of the driver could define which component is external and should be exposed and which shouldn’t.

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Following the topic.

I agree. I will following this topic

Any news about it?

Despite this being raised many times, including via @nayelyz - SmartThings seem very quiet on the subject. I’m sure they’re very busy on many things, but it does concern me that they’re not hearing what many have to say about a backwards step in UI/UX.

Fingers crossed they are working on it.

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As a temporary workaround, you can create an alternative for child devices by using virtual devices. It is not particularly convenient, as you need 4 routines to control each gang, but it works fine

it doesn’t work fine :frowning: . Couple of times my switch went to infinite on/off loop. Which is extremely difficult to debug.

Were you using toggle or separate on/off routines?

doesn’t work… goes into loop

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4 routines for every virtual switch (x3).
The most disgusting thing is not stable reproducible behavior - once my guest pressed the physical 2nd button and this light show started.
I disabled a routine to break the cycle and re-enabled it later in the evening and everything worked smoothly.

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here I created a virtual switch called PV and included it in all behavior routines. When the loop is done I turn it off and for all … I found it simpler than looking for which routine to turn off

This is really frustrating indeed.
Did you have a chance to analyse the logs to see what was causing the loop?

I have seen such behaviour when using ‘toggle’ and 2 routines per channel, but never with 4 routines. Having said that, I’m not using multigang switches on the daily basis yet, only during development

unfortunately this never happens when I have time to debug it, only when someone in my family needs a bright light in the kitchen, not flashing every second but just a normal light

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Is there any solution? I don’t want to move back to my personal Child Switch in Groovy until ST dev team find a definitive solution, but 90% of my Switches have 2 or 3 gangs. :sweat_smile:

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Any news about solution?