Renaming switches ( Nue Zigbee Multi Switch)?

Sorry if this has been covered earlier, but I’m new here, but can anyone shed some light on how to rename a switch with the new Edge drivers? I can name the original switch scanned, but the in the case of 2,3 and 4 gang light switches they are simply named switc2 switch3 etc. When I tap on Edit in the app it just gives me the option to rename the main switch and not the others, and help would be greatly appreciated

Brand and model of the switches? And do you know which edge driver they are using?

This was an initial limitation of edge drivers, but then some other options were introduced, but they had to be added to the edge Driver. :thinking:

Nue Zigbee light switches, Using Zigbee Multi Switch and
child Mc

Hi @RogerD1

Multi-component devices can only change the entire device name, which shows the main component in the mosaic.

The switch2, 3, and 4 component names cannot be changed.

In the settings menu, three dots on the top right, you have the options to create independent child devices, as seen with DTH.

you can create Child devices for switch1, 2, 3 and another one that controls all 4 sl switches at the same time.

Those child devices can be renamed and changed rooms like any other device.

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If you are referring to 3 dots/settings, I have done that, and it’s only switch 1 that can be edited and renamed. Unless I not doing the right thing what I do create the other single switches, it’s these switches I can’t seem to find a way to rename. (2,3 etc… As I am new in this forum I’m unable to share a screenshot here as I’m new. But happy to email if you can assist, or if you can share an instruction method that would be awesome.

In the three points menu there is the Edit option, which is the one used to change the name.
You have to enter the Settings option and create the independent child devices you need switch2, 3 and 4

In my example case is a device with 3 switch

These created devices will appear in the hub room or unassigned room

These devices are the ones you can change the name of in the three-point menu, edit option

Hi Mariano.

I did just that but had mine set to Multi time switch. I changed to single tile (as in your photo) and kept the other settings as they were which are like yours, but those other switched didn’t appear in unassigned. (I don’t seem to have a hub room)

I’m using your drivers. ZigBee multi switch and child MC.

Devices will appears in the room in the app where the Hub is or the last room named unassigned room

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Ok so here is a step by step of what I did

1/ Tapped on device to get to settings

2/ Tapped on Settings

3/ left select Tile Type to Single switch. (Had secured Multi before)

4/ Create Single Device to Switch 2 and 3.

Checked Unassigned Room. No switches there. Am I missing something? Is there a particular driver I need?

Hi @RogerD1

For this driver you need a Hub with firmware 45.x or up.
new firmware 45.11 for smart wifi hub is in progress this week.

For use child device wit firmware smaller than 45.x the must be use Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc-(OLD)

If your preference is already selected with create device then select NO create device and click save.
Select create device again and click save. The preferences only report value changes, the value displayed is only informative of the current value

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Perfect. Worked a charm. ThanK you so much