When shaking, I only get names on the top row

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I am using a Nexus 5 on Android 4.4.4

I will also note that I rearranged the icons and it was the same result: only top row showed names.

I only have four devices (so far): two phones and two switches.

Keep shaking, quit the app, start again. The order seems random and completely broken. Hopefully these Android issues will get addressed soon.

Thanks for the advice, but I just tried it, multiple ways, multiple times, and still only the top three icons get names.

I even rearranged again by moving my wife’s phone down to the bottom row (shh-- don’t tell her) and now it is her name that does not come up.

Maybe I am not holding my mouth right… :smiley:

I’m using iPhone, but out of curiosity, I’ve just tried it on Nexus 7 tablet and… voila! Only the first icon in the second row reveals its label when shaken. However inside a group, all icons show their labels. Weird!

Anyway, congratulations! You’ve just found one of many SmartThings quirks :smile:
Report it to support@smartthings.com

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This seems to still me an issue. When I shake my phone (really which I could just press a button on the scree) only the first 4 devices display their name. That’s the top row and the first tile of the second row.

It’s annoying having three temp sensors and not knowing which one is which…

Please open a support ticket with support@smartthings.com. It’s the only way to get their attention.

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Good Point @geko , Done