Device Names viewable and displayed by default on home screen

(Jason Parkinson) #1

My arms and hands are paralyzed, like millions of others. Shaking the mobile device like my iphone or ipad in order to display device names is IMPOSSIBLE for me and others. The default should be just like the image on smartthings website homepage. A person must click the gear icon on each individual device in order to identify the name of the device. When you have 10+ device unnamed icons don’t cut it, period! Please fix this. :u5408:

Other necessary changes needed:

View in Landscape mode (A must)
Device list appear immediately when opening app.

I pray for these fixes to fall into the hands that can make it so.

ST App the weakest part of the system?

Great point Jason!!!
This should be an easy fix in a future update.

(Geko) #3

Agreed 100%, for the 100,000-th time. C’mon ST, if not for me, do it for the sake of those with disabilities.

(Matthew Rogers) #4

Haha, wow…I didn’t even know you could shake the phone to see the names of the devices. I’ve just been cursing a lot as I try to figure out which tile is which…now I’ll shake the phone, and still curse, because that’s stupid :wink:

(Marcelo Mag) #5

100% Agree! I hope they can fix these soon

(Chris Peck) #6

I agree. At least make it an option.