HAI HXT2 - AV IR Controller

Does anyone use an IR AV controller like this and has anyone had success integrating into smartthings? I’d love to be able to program “turn on cable tv when I arrive” or something like “when movie mode, turn down lights, turn av to bluray, tune tv to hdmi 2, etc” Thoughts?

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I am looking for a similar solution…surprising that there are not a lot of discussions on this.

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@longhorn84 I am using Logitech Harmony Home through IFTTT and its working great…

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Hi @ashutosh1982,

Is it possible to use the Harmony Hub to control individual devices as opposed to Activities? The problem with Activities is that only one can be running on a given hub at any given time.


No at this point you can only control activities. What are you trying to do?

@ashutosh1982 My home has an old Lutron lighting system, which is controlled via an IR remote to a receiver in a wall panel in each room. Each button on the panel/remote toggles the light on or off, so setting them up as Activities on Harmony can get quite messy.

Any possible recommendation to translate ST commands to a particular IR signal?

@Mozzulu you would then need a Logitech Harmony hub in each room… Right? I think it will be more cost efficient for you to just change the switches in each room. A harmony hub with remote costs $150… You can get 4-5 switches for the same price … That way you can do a lot more things with ST than just turning them on/off with a remote or phone.

I probably should have explained my situation a little better.

The light panel on the wall is very simple and has four buttons. Each button controls a separate light and toggles it on/off. I figured it would be easy enough to control with a Harmony Hub in each room but when I programmed the activities to turn all of the lights on together or each one on/off separately, it would “end” one activity before beginning the next, so only one light would work at a time. I tried every power setting imaginable for the device settings but it would still power off one light when turning on the next.

I did some research and found that there is an expensive solution for advanced IR control integrated with SmartThings that overlaps Harmony altogether (https://www.simplecontrol.com). This just seemed like overkill to control a couple of lights in each room.

I ended up finding a support article on the Harmony site that suggested adding each light in the room as a separate “zone”. Basically, adding the same device over and over and giving them different names and each device would control just one light. Seems to be working so far!

Thanks for your help @ashutosh1982!