Home Theater Control

(65fastback2) #1

This is the one thing keeping me from jumping in and after a little searching didnt find a solution. Is there a solution for home theater control yet?

(Different Computers) #2

There isn’t, though there are things that get close and people are talking about it a lot. The biggest stumbling block seems to be ON/OFF state sensing. Because you don’t want ST to send an ON if the TV is already ON and you wanted it on.

My guess is that the cheap way to do this is with some sort of Lux sensor, but that might not be elegant or flexible enough.

Even better would be to have interoperability with Logitech’s Harmony ecosystem! If they could talk to each other that would be heaven.

(65fastback2) #3

Harmony isnt state sensing. I dont need it that complicated. Just need it to send our IR codes to a blaster the way my 1100 and IR base does.

(Ben Edwards) #4

A little birdie told me we are working on a SmartThings/Harmony integration.

(65fastback2) #5

did this birdie tell you when it might be done? im just not ready to put money into a system yet that wont do the main feature i need…home theater control.

(Im Brian) #6

I’m working on a non-ST solution that uses TCPIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbapV3sG7hI (in the midst of a rewrite right now - proof of concept code is on github, linked in the comments).

(Florian Z) #7

@ben_edwards - that is great news. Thanks!