What's the second value in switchLevel.setLevel(x,y)?

(Toejough) #1

I found documentation of capabilities and commands here: http://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/doc/capabilities

However, that chart lists two arguments to setLevel. I’ve looked through the forums and likely apps, and have experimented myself, but have yet to figure out what this second value is for.

Does anyone know?

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(Todd Wackford) #2


It’s the duration, or speed at which to change the level from the current setting to the new setting. I have GE/Jasco dimmers and it does not seem to work. I’ve not seen if any of the other brands do.


(Steve) #3

The reason it doesn’t work with most GE/Jasco dimmers is due to the device firmware version. Most GE/Jasco devices have version 1, but the duration wasn’t added until version 2. I don’t think there’s a way to update them, but I’ve heard of people buying GE in-wall dimmers with version 3 firmware from Lowes. I got mine from Amazon and they’re all version 1 so maybe Amazon has a lot of old stock? I’ve also heard that these Aeon Illuminator Modules all run version 2: http://store.homeseer.com/store/Aeon-Labs-Aeotec-DSC27103-ZWUS-Z-Wave-Micro-Illuminator-P1357.aspx

So if you’re lucky, the duration will work for you, but I wouldn’t rely on it working for others.

Hope this helps,

(Toejough) #4

twack and Steve - thank you for the quick responses!

I had assumed it was a duration. I had hoped for that. But then it didn’t seem to do anything. Given what you’ve said it seems likely that the GE dimmer I got from Amazon is v1. Oh well.

Has anyone looked into re-flashing the firmware on the v1’s? It seems a shame to have updated firmware out there but be stuck with what came pre-loaded.

(Todd Wackford) #5

Ahhhhhh, We live in glorious times … (movie quote from somewhere)

Who would have ever thought we’d want to flash new firmware onto our light switches?

I love being a geek!

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Yeah - but think ahead five years…

<swirly time-shift effect >
“All right everybody - into the backyard”
“But Dad…”
“No buts - it’s Patch Tuesday and you know you can’t be in the house when I reboot it”
"…awwww gee!"
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(Andrew Urman) #7

@chuckles then our kids can tell their kids, “when I was your age we used to have to go outside to reboot the house.”