What's the difference between Jasco ZW2002 (GE 45610) and ZW2004 (GE 12723) models?

First post here, so I hope I’m doing this correctly. Anybody know the difference between the zw2002 and zw2004 Jasco/GE switches? I’ve got several 3way switches (z wave) already existing in the house, and they work great! I ask because I’m considering replacing the On/Off master switch on one of them with a dimmer switch, model zw3005 which does utilize the neutral wire (I’m also considering changing from incandescent to dimmable LED lights). Additionally, all the z wave switches are controlled by a 2gig alarm panel and an Alexa. Thanks for any help.

The 2004 is the newer model that replaced the 2002, but I honestly don’t know what the differences were or if they were just cosmetic. You can contact jasco and ask.

I took your advice and called Jasco. They said they that should operate the same. Tech said he assumed that the zw2004 was just newer.