What's the deal with Nest?

I actually modified the Ecobee connect app and created a Nest (connect) app that uses the official Nest Api. It about 60% complete all that needs to be finished is the methods that handle the device data updates and tweak the device type.
It will work like all of the other Connect type apps: it authenticates, detects, creates, and polls the nest service for data and updates the Thermostats and Protects.

I just stopped working on it about a month ago when I kept seeing little clues in the ST Github repo and images of the Nest thermostat in the some examples in the ST Documentation and figured why bother :slightly_smiling: .

If there is enough interest I would think about putting it up on github so someone can collaborate with me to complete it.


It would be great to complete the work you started to have a nice Nest integration. It doesn’t sound like ST and Nest and going to come together on their own anytime soon.

Please keep me posted should you decide to do this.

Thank you.

I actually just put this up in a new private repo. Pm your GitHub name or email and I will add you to project.

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tonesto7— Got your invite, thank you. Need a little guidance to implement. Where to find the instructions? Thanks.

there a readme file at the root of the repo.
I hope you realize this is not ready to use and only for development.

I’ve copied/pasted the GitHub code into my existing integration–it was no longer sensing when everyone left–5 family members–and setting Nest to Away.

However, when I go to save the updated code, I get this error:

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
script1456094511440187981899.groovy: 76: expecting ‘}’, found ‘,’ @ line 76, column 33.
72 attribute “temperatureUnit”, “string”

1 error

Here’s the code for around that line…what am I missing?

// for the UI
49 metadata {
50 definition (name: “Nest Thermostat (MultiTile)”, namespace: “tonesto7”, author: “Anthony S.”) {
51 capability "Polling"
52 capability "Refresh"
53 capability "Relative Humidity Measurement"
54 capability "Thermostat"
55 capability "Temperature Measurement"
56 capability "Presence Sensor"
57 capability "Sensor"
58 capability "Actuator"
59 capability "Signal Strength"

61 command "away"
62 command "present"
63 command "setNestPresence"
64 command "heatingSetpointUp"
65 command "heatingSetpointDown"
66 command "coolingSetpointUp"
67 command "coolingSetpointDown"
68 command "setFahrenheit"
69 command "setCelsius"
70 command "setTemperature"

72 attribute “temperatureUnit”, "string"
73 }

I suggest you check you cut and pasted correctly from the raw page of github again.

I just downloaded the multi-tile from tony’s github and deployed successfully, so I don’t see a problem in github source.